Rescue Bots

Atomic Cartoons is proud to have produced season 1 of Transformers Rescue Bots for Hasbro Studios. The 26 x 22 episode series is a fantastic new property based on the storied franchise and is one many of us are familiar with. The excitement and familiarity with the brand have literally been “transformed” into an awesome show featuring new characters. Atomic has pushed the boundaries of ToonBoom’s Harmony software. The look, feel and quality of animation goes beyond the regular Saturday morning norm. The process involves close collaboration with the team at Hasbro and we’ve enjoyed the camaraderie and have been thrilled with the final product. Although the series is geared for a younger audience, that doesn’t diminish the story, style or quality of animation. If you are in the US you can see Transformers Rescue Bots on the HUB! Otherwise check out YouTube.

Network: The Hub

Season One
26 x 22 Minutes
Action/Adventure, Kids 8-10

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