Nico Can Dance!

Nico Can Dance! invites children to jump up and join Miss Frost and Nico as they use their imaginations to create fantastical worlds through creative movement. Each two minute animation/live action mixed media episode has the characters discovering amazing things around them, inspiring them to move. Whether they find themselves underwater dancing like starfish, on a mountainside dancing like bugs, or on the moon dancing like comets in outer space, Miss Frost and Nico always find new and exciting ways to shake things up.

Network: Knowledge Network, BBC Kids, Telus Fund

Did you know?

Rachel Frost Franco worked with her husband, Rafael Ziah Franco, to bring Nico, Miss Frost and their imaginative world to life. They worked with Atomic Cartoons to produce the series and a companion game and app, which were commissioned by Knowledge Network and funded in part by the Telus Fund.

Our main goal is to get children moving!,” says co-creator and director of Nico Can Dance!. We wanted to create something that both children and their caregivers could relate to – Nico Can Dance! allows audiences to engage with the show and each other.

Rafael Franco, Atomic Cartoons

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