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ZOMBIES: The Re-Animated Series

Zed, Addison, Willa and the rest of their friends go on a series of ridiculous adventures.

Every day is a surprise at Seabrook High—whether you’re a cheerleader, a zombie, a werewolf or even a vampire! “ZOMBIES: The Re-Animated Series” invites us into the daily lives of Zed, Addison, Eliza, Willa and the entire Seabrook crew. This gang may have figured out each other, but they haven’t quite figured out how to survive high school. Get ready for more musical fun and new friends as Seabrook becomes the #1 destination for all kinds of mythical monsters looking for a fresh start. And this means some pretty wild adventures—from the cafeteria to the football field—because sometimes the scariest thing you have to face is high school.

  • Running time 20 x 22 minutes
  • Release Date June 28 2024
  • Executive Producers Jack Ferraiolo, David Light, Joseph Raso, Aliki Theofilopoulos
  • Genre Adventure, Comedy, Family, Musical, Romance
  • produced for Disney+ and Disney Channel
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