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Zokie of Planet Ruby

Produced by Nelvana, "Zokie of Planet Ruby" is a buddy comedy that follows creative vlogger Ruby and her alien best friend Zokie


Ruby, a vlogger, befriends her only follower, a space alien named Zokie from Planet Pudge

In Zokie of Planet Ruby, quirky 10-year-old vlogger Ruby discovers her only video channel follower is a tail-zapping space alien from the planet Pudge named Zokie Sparkleby, and they quickly become best friends. Along with their friend Earl, a talking con-man squirrel, Ruby teaches Zokie about her version of Earth, while Zokie learns to control his unpredictable powers.

  • Run Time 572 Minutes
  • Genre Comedy, Family
  • Created By Brian Morante
  • Executive Producers Brian Morante, Colin Bohm, Doug Murphy, Pam Westman
  • Produced For Nickelodeon and Nelvana
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