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Super Team Canada


Canada's mediocre super-heroes in action!

Created by Canadian Emmy®-winning writers, and brothers, Robert Cohen (HBO’s SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE, THE BIG BANG THEORY) and Joel H. Cohen (THE SIMPSONS), animated comedy Super Team Canada focuses on the exploits of six, little-known Canadian superheroes trying to save the world from evil giant robots, an unemployed octopus, and needy hardware store clerks. The stakes are high for these stereotypically underdog Canadian super-unknowns, who are called in as Earth’s last resort when all the other superheroes have the other superheroes have been destroyed.

Super Team Canada is Atomic Cartoons first adult original animated series, produced with Will Arnett’s Electric Avenue, in association with Bell Media’s Crave. It is slated to drop on Crave in early 2025.

  • Episode number 22 x 11 mins
  • Genre Adult Action, Comedy
  • Show Runner Robert Cohen
  • Executive Producers (Creators) Robert Cohen, Joel H. Cohen
  • Executive Producers (Atomic) Matthew Berkowitz, Kristin Cummings, Jennifer Twiner McCarron
  • Executive Producers (Electric Avenue) Will Arnett, Marc Forman
  • Release Date 2025
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