Our Team

AtomicsĀ  team is made up of industry veterans who have produced multi-award winning series and some of the most recognizable shows on air today. Just as importantly, they understand the ever changing production landscape and know what it takes to produce visually stunning content on budget and on time.

Jared Lim

Production Accountant

Jennifer McCarron


Rachit Singh

Head of Technology



We Work For You

At Atomic we run an ARTIST'S STUDIO. Management sets the table so our teams have success. We're here to facilitate making the very best cartoons possible.

Hanoz Elavia

IT Manager

Andrea Rempel

Human Resources Manager

Matthew Berkowitz

Head of Development

We Love Cartoons

Not only do we make awesome cartoons. We actually love watching them! Old ones. New ones. 2D, CG and everything in-between. If you're looking for a dedicated team that loves animation you've found them!

Trevor Bentley

Chief Creative Officer

Rob Simmons

Director of Finance and Business Affairs

Mauro Casalese

Founding Partner/Creative Producer




Rob Davies

Director of Development



Jennifer Wyant

Studio and Media Manager

Heather Renney


Andrew Harron

Production Coordinator

Colin Jenken

Lighting/Comp Supervisor

Spencer Galvin

Production Coordinator

Colin Beadle


Ken Tsang

FX Supervisor

Aisling Deevey


Martin Clavio

Human Resources Coordinator

Daniel Fung

FX Supervisor

Ian Bock

Production Coordinator

Tina Walia

Assistant Controller

Alex Nagy

Previs Supervisor

Jason McNamar

Texture/Shader Supervisor

Kramer Hoehn

Head of Production

Ed Chee

Storyboard Supervisor

Dorian Bell

Accounting Assistant

Craig George

Storyboard Supervisor

Scott Kiborn

Layout Supervisor

Darrell Yeo


Shawn Pedralba

Storyboard Supervisor

Kim Ngo

Production Coordinator

Sam Alkaitis

Builds Supervisor

Carl Upsdell

Animation Director

Jaime Vander Mey

Production Coordinator

Hallis Blaney

Animation Supervisor

Dave Richey

Animation Supervisor

William Lau


Joel Bradley


Graham Peterson

Animation Supervisor

Tyler Hoolaeff

Animation Supervisor

Marc English

Rigging Supervisor

Nicole Poirier

Production Coordinator

Ken Cunningham


Fredrick Fasse

Animation Supervisor

John Keane

Storyboard Director

Walter Tenhaaf

Builds Animation Supervisor

Alex Cichon


Derek Toye

Design Supervisor