Pirate Express

Newt, the son of almighty Poseidon, is an adventurous 12-year-old Atlantean boy. As captain of the Pirate Express, Newt leads a motley crew of unruly pirates on bizarre voyages, much to the chagrin of the original captain, Henri De LaPoutine, who must reluctantly accompany the team on missions despite his demonition. It’s a high stakes game for Newt and his crew, because should the pirates fail, they will be exiled to a ship in a bottle for all eternity.

Network: Teletoon, Nine Network (Australia)

52x 11 Minutes
Comedy/ Adventure. Kids 6-10 years.
2D Digital Animation
Copyright 2013 Atomic Cartoons Inc.


Pirate Express won Best Musical Score at the 2015 Leo Awards - and is nominated for Best Animation Script at the 2015 Australian Writers Guild Awards and Best Children's Television Series at the Atom Awards


Leo Awards
Nomination for Best Animation Program or Series
Rob Simmons, Rob Davies, Trevor Bentley, Mauro Casalese
Pirate Express


Leo Awards
Won for Best Musical Score in an Animation Program or series
Hoot Gibson/Hal Beckett
‘Udder Chaos’
Pirate Express

Pixie Award
Won Best Main Title
Pirate Express

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