Mariachi Zombie

Mariachi Zombie is a musician and a survivor of the Apocalypse. He is always accompanied by his trusty dog Moco. They are both undead, unwashed, and undaunted! And their limbs tend to drop off at the most inopportune times. Mariachi Zombie, like all of his undead kind, simply wants to be left to his vices which include singing poorly, playing guitar badly, and stinking in the hot desert sun. But the humans won’t leave him, or any of the zombies, be! They are always trying to conquer Zombie Town and capture the ‘shamblers’. Of course, Mariachi Zombie always saves Zombie Town from a Human invasion. It’s what he does. El side note: Mariachi Zombie is madly smitten by the beautiful Lila Bones, who is conveniently also undead. To win her hand (maybe literally), he has to defeat another contender: the minty-fresh village Flamenco dancer and jerk, Narcisco Bravo.


26 x 11 Minutes
Comedy, Kids 6-9
2D animation
Created by Celso Garcia
Developed by Atomic Cartoons

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