Counterfeit Cat

Counterfeit Cat is the story of Gark, a naive 9 year old alien with uncontrollable superpowers and destined to save the universe and Max, an anxious but vain housecat who’d prefer to save himself.  Sent for training off-world, Gark mistakes Max for a tiger who can teach him to be a hero so he can fulfil the ancient prophecy and save the universe. The problem is Max doesn’t know much about being brave: he knows about watching TV, knitting and coughing up fur balls.  But Gark’s adventurous instincts force Max, albeit reluctantly, to act like the tiger Gark believes him to be.

Network: Disney XD EMEA and Teletoon

Season One
52X11 minutes
Kids 6-12 years-comedy
2D animation

Did you know?

Counterfeit Cat stars Marc Woodtton, the English character comedian who provides the voice for Counterfeit Cat “Max”, and  Kayvan Novak the British–Iranian actor and comedian best known for co-creating and starring in the comedy series Fonejacker, who provides the voice for “Betty”.

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