Texture/ Look Development Artist – Atomic Vancouver

Texture/ Look Development Artist – Atomic Vancouver

A Look Development Artist works with the Look Development Lead or Supervisor to define all the technical and creative needs  to construct the appearance for CG assets for a particular project. The Look Development Artist should be able to use a variety of tools and Renderman to satisfy a production’s creative needs.



  • Work with the show supervisors to create final looks, templates and materials for CG characters and environments to be used in production and interpret artistic direction from Supervisors.
  • Work with the lead or supervisor of a show, define shader requirements, create shader networks in Renderman for Maya and Katana, modify shader parameters, apply texture maps, and iteratively refine the look to accomplish the art direction goals and integrate solutions into production pipeline.
  • Participate as a team member in determining various design and technical solutions
  • Responsible for creating all texture maps for application to creatures, props and environments
  • Work with a team of artists in a hands-on capacity to ensure technically and artistically proper implementation of look developed assets
  • Keep other supervisors apprised of issues arising in pre-production and shot production and offer creative solutions to those issues.
  • Maintains or exceeds consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work



  • Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Computer Animation, or other relevant area of study and/or equivalent job experience
  • 3+ years of Industry experience (Animation and/or Visual Effects)
  • Proficient in Maya, Mari and/or Substance Painter, photoshop, Zbrush and/or Mudbox
  • Knowledge of Renderman a plus
  • Katana knowledge a plus
  • Linux operating system experience a plus
  • Substance Designer knowledge a plus
  • Modelling skills a plus
  • Ability to communicate creative and technical ideas
  • Excellent visual skills and attention to detail
  • Linux operating system experience a plus
  • Experience with Python scripting a plus.
  • Experience using Shotgun for production tracking, submitting and publishing is an asset
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident preferred.
  • Must be able to work in the studio; BC resident preferred.